Fresh Water Walker

The new green chemical free alternative Under Water Treadmill

Your staff will love the easy to use low maintenance system

You will love the low cost purchase price and service free equipment.
Fresh Water Walker requires minimal space, thanks to its compact design so requires little or no building modifications and is therefore a cost-effective use of available space. It is durable and easy to maintain and made from high quality materials. Water Walker is fitted with swivelling locking wheels to enable you clear access for cleaning the room or relocating your Water Walker at a later date.
Fresh Water Walker is available with a single or double door and each folds down to become a non slip entry / exit ramp. Each door is fitted with a watertight seal and two stage locking system. 10mm toughened safety glass panels allow viewing from both sides. And if you want to use it as a dry treadmill, you can do that too! What sets this treadmill apart from regular human type treadmills is the sloping sides positioned at each side of the belt, the slopes prevent dogs from cheating and placing their paws astride the belt, it is therefore less likely that you will need to join your patient in the treadmill. But for the patients that do need a little extra help and support, we provide a pair of steps that can be placed on the slopes for you to stand on.
Fresh Water Walker has a computer-controlled treadmill belt, including a smooth start and gentle ramp down with a top speed of 8mph. A hand held speed control is all you need to control the Fresh Water Walker. The handset is also fitted with an emergency stop button to ensure you are in complete control. Both sides of Water Walker have a water depth markers enabling you to accurately record the water depth during treatment.
Fresh Water Walker has a 1000 litre storage tank where the water is stored prior to use. The tank is fitted in an elevated position as it uses gravity to fill the treadmill. The large filling hoses completely and silently fill the treadmill in less than two minutes, allowing maximum throughput of patients. When you have finished the session you turn the empty valve and the wastewater is dispelled via your regular waste water outlet or stored elsewhere for other uses such as vehicle cleaning or watering of plants. Fresh Water Walker uses no chemicals and has no pumps or filter. It uses your existing hot water system to fill the storage tank, only when you need it, there is a small heater that maintains the heat at your chosen temperature. When the weekend comes you can close a valve and the storage tank remains empty until you are ready to start your next session, thereby saving you money on heating and filtering water when you are not using the equipment.

The whole conveyor lifts completely exposing the entire base of the treadmill for periodic cleaning.


Westcoast Hydrotherapy has an optional Jet System that can be fitted inside the Fresh Water Walker, this provides a current for small/medium dogs to swim against or resistance for larger dogs to walk against. The height and flow are adjustable. Note that a pump needs to be fitted to operate the jet system.
Maintenance Kit Maintenance Kit (fresh water system)
Water Walker comes complete with a maintenance kit, which includes:
Conveyor lifting winch, Grease gun and grease, cleaning pad, floating thermometer.
Convayer Winch Kit

Delivery and installation
Delivery and installation is included in England and Wales. There is a small surcharge for customers in Scotland and other isles.

For an overseas shipping quote please contact: or telephone Mary on 01379 674633

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