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Wristguard shown on wrist
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A Modern Remedy to an old problem
Limb Support for Wrists & Hocks
For use when Racing, Galloping, Flyball, Travelling, Kennelling.

Approved by the Irish Racing Board

Wristguard shown on hock
Dr. Robert Gillette, Director of the Sports Medicine Program at the College of Veterinary Medicine, AuburnUniversity, USA, and Past-President of the American Canine Sports Medicine Association carried out kinematic analysis of the product which showed the product reduced the trauma of impact in dogs with weakened carpi or prevented the stress of impact in normal carpi without reducing the carpel extension.

He used a computer assisted video graphic gait analysis to find that using the Westcoast Hydrotherapy Wristguard decreased the impact forces upon the carpus without decreasing the carpel extension, ie. dogs still have full flexion but reduced trauma to the wrist or hock.


Through experience, Westcoast Hydrotherapy have found that stopper pads are extremely susceptible to splitting whilst competing in Flyball and agility activities. Wristguards have been proven to greatly reduce such an injury

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