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Magnetic Therapy with Westcoast Hydrotherapy

"Natures Way"

Magnacollar and Magnaguard are not intended as a substitute for professional veterinary care.

No one claims that Magnetic Therapy is going to work for every dog. However research shows most dogs experience a beneficial effect, from young racing dogs to elderly companions.

The effects of wearing Magnacollars and Magnaguards are:

  • Pain Relief,

  • Reduced Swelling,

  • Increased Athletic Endurance and performance.

  • Promotes sound and restful sleep

  • Increases tissue oxygenation

  • Calms the nervous system

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Can be worn by all types of dogs, all of the time, it is unobtrusive, lightweight and comfortable for the dogs to wear. Magnacollar

has been based on our original Westcoast Hydrotherapy Wristguard limb support for hounds. Both can be fitted to front or hind legs, manufactured in stretch neoprene and fastened with stretch Velcro, thus giving support with elasticity. Both the Magnaguard and Wristguard measure 140mm in length and will fit a leg up to 200mm in circumference. The Magnaguard is fitted with two high strength rare earth Magnets carefully positioned to maximise the effects of local magnetic therapy. Especially useful when an injury is located in the wrist or hock joint itself. Magnaguard is not recommended to be worn continuously. Some dogs find them difficult to get used to especially the smaller dog where movement is more restricted. In these cases a Magnacollar would be more suitable.

(It is not advised that bitches in whelp wear either a Magnacollar or Magnaguard,)

Reduction of Inflammation and improved circulation:

Injured tissue emits a positive charge. The magnets improve circulation, allowing blood vessels to dilate and bring a greater volume of blood flow to the injured area. This helps to bring in natural healers and to remove the toxic by-products of inflammation – bradykinins, prostaglandin’s, and histamines all of which contribute to inflammation and pain. Thus, pain and inflammation are diminished and tissue healing is stimulated.

Anti-microbial Effects:

Magnetic therapy can help the body ward off such microbial invaders such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. It achieves this, in part by increasing the immune function through the oxygenation of white corpuscles, an important part of the immune systems arsenal. A magnetic field can also function like an antibiotic by lowering acidity, with the result that micro-organisms have a more difficult time surviving.

Quicker Healing:
The success of this therapy is attributed, in part to its facilitating the migration of calcium ions and osteoblasts to heal broken bones in less then the usual time. In addition the migration of calcium occurs away from the joints to reduce painful arthritic joint inflammation. The end result is the non-invasive promotion of natural healing, without the use of unnatural chemicals and drugs. Magnetic energy also softens or eliminates scar tissue formed during the healing process. Some vets put magnets into the dressings over fractures.

Increased Athletic Endurance and performance:
Research and clinical experience show that magnets increase energy. For many years magnetic therapy has been used around the world on racehorses to heal injuries and enhance performance. Although the effect of increased endurance and performance is known, the cause is not definitively understood. It is felt that magnetic energy warms up the muscles and joints so that performance is increased. At least as important, serious injuries are reduced. In addition, it is known that magnetic energy increases blood flow to the muscles, thereby increasing strength at these work sites.

Stress reduction:
The recent discovery of magnetite in the cells of the brain helps explain the calming effect of biomagnetic therapy. Magnacollar induces a hypnotic sleeping effect on the brain by stimulating the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is known to be anti-stressful, producing a sedating effect.

Magnets activate life promoting enzymatic activity which in turn, encourage normal cell division. This creates a healthier organism and may then slow down the ageing process. Several studies on animals show magnetic therapy to increase life span.

Magnetic therapy may be one of the most effective methods for achieving relief from arthritis. It is also thought that magnetic therapy may help reduce bone and tissue degeneration.

As Magnacollar decreases swelling of any kind it can be placed on a dog with red, itchy skin with favourable results.

Some studies have shown that using magnets for twenty four to forty-eight hours before surgery results in better post-operative recovery. Additionally, wearing Magnacollar after the sutures have been put in and all bleeding has stopped can also speed up healing.

Recent wounds:
Magnets lessen the stickiness of platelets, these are the blood components that produce the scab, so it is best to remove the Magnacollar/ Magnaguard if the dog receives a cut until the scab forms.

We are not saying that magnets are a cure-all therapy for dogs. They should not be used by themselves for any major disease or medical condition, but rather should be looked at as a complementary therapy.

When using Magnacollar or Magnaguard for long-standing conditions, where the tissues have not been getting adequate blood flow, you might at first get an exacerbation of symptoms. The discomfort usually passes in 24 to 48 hours. In the mean time a

painkiller can be used until the body starts to recover its circulation. Alternatively use the Magnacollar/Magnaguard for short periods of time at first.

It is essential that the magnets be positioned in the correct way all magnets have a north and south pole, the magnets used for Magnacollar and Magnaguard therapy although very small are extremely strong and if positioned back to front can have an adverse effect. Our products are individually tested at the factory stage and again before they are posted. So it is important to fit the products correctly as they have been designed to be worn.

The power of the magnet is one of the most basic powers in nature. Magnetism is the force that keeps order in the galaxy allowing the stars and planets to spin at significant velocities.

It should be noted that today as we approach the new millennium magnetic therapy is well established in other countries such as Japan, Russia, China, India, Austria and Germany. Awareness is now filtering down to the general public in the UK. Magnets have been used therapeutically to relieve pain and discomfort for thousands of years, perhaps even longer than acupuncture, which is two thousand years old.

It is thought that the earth’s natural magnetic field was far higher in the past 2 to 3 gauss, as opposed to ˝ gauss today. We live in an environment of wires, computers, fluorescent lights etc all this creates electronic smog that further diminishes the earth’s natural magnetic field.

Exposure to the earth’s magnetic field plays an essential role in our health, a fact clearly demonstrated when the first astronauts returned to earth sick. Their illness was soon attributed to lack of magnetism in outer space, and the problem was soon resolved when NASA placed magnets in their spacesuits and spaceships.

To understand how magnetic therapy helps to relieve pain, it may help to look at pain mechanisms in the body. Pain is transmitted along nerve cells as an electric signal. A pain signal depolarises a cell. Magnets appear to raise the depolarisation potential of the cell so that the signal is blocked from depolarisation, in effect blocking the pain, furthermore the ability of the nerve to send pain is slowed by a magnetic field. These phenomena can aid in the relief of pain throughout the body.

Magnets work by normalising pH the acid alkaline balance, which in turn creates an internal environment that is conducive to good health. Sick animals regardless of the disease they have, are almost always in a highly acidic state. Pathogenic activity loves acidity and the hypoxia (low oxygen) state it creates. The magnet addresses this issue.

When our blood passes through a negative magnetic field, we repolarisze each cell. That accelerates the cell electrical spin. Speeding up electron activity causes cells to repolarize. This increases capillary activity and circulation, it carries out toxins and brings in nutrients increasing the bodies productivity. 

It is not advised that bitches in whelp wear either a Magnacollar or Magnaguard, as damage could be caused to the unborn whelps.

There is no problem with you trying your dog’s collar, but beware if you wear a pacemaker, do not place it near your heart. Ankles, knees, or wrists are fine.

Magnetic therapy is an outstanding, non-invasive approach to healing. Mainstream medicine both veterinary and human probably doesn’t want to acknowledge it because it often eliminates the need for patients to return for costly drugs!

If your pets problem is not listed, please feel free to phone, as we have a large database of case histories. We can advise as to which product would be most suited to your dog.

All the above information is backed up by scientific studies. Extracts from "Healing with magnets" Gary Null Ph.D. incorporating studies by Dr. William Pawluk of Chigago who is vice president of the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy.

John Zimmerman Ph.D. President of the Bio-Electro-Magnetics Institute.

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